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I love visual storytelling and I’m keen on helping producers and writers elevate their projects to their fullest potential. If you strive to craft compelling and unforgettable narratives for film and TV drama, I’ll gladly support your writing journey.

My experience

I have over 6 years of experience providing development notes and coverage for production companies and commissioners. Currently, I’m supporting the International Features team at Netflix in selecting projects for commission or acquisition while also working in the script department on large-scale HETV shows. My HETV credits include Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None: Moments in Love”, “The Peripheral” produced by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, “The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power” Season 2, and Marvel’s “Secret Invasion”.

My approach


I like to kick off the work by asking questions to the writer. It ensures their vision for the project is clear to me and it puts me in a better position to serve the writer’s intentions. It also allows me to provide relevant suggestions about how to approach any area requiring further development that would otherwise be solely influenced by my taste.


I like to write notes that don’t feel like judgment but actively help the writer get through the next draft. My suggestions are tailored to the writer’s vision and they are only examples of how I think certain areas could be further developed. They are written to clarify the point my feedback notes are trying to convey to the writer. I never expect anything I suggest to actually make it into the script, even though I do my best to provide suitable, ready-to-use suggestions.


I assess projects starting from what I consider the most important element (Character), and I gradually go down the ladder, touching on Structure, Plot, and Dialogue. There is little use in writing endless pages of notes, perhaps touching on Dialogue at a moment when Character and Structure are not ready yet. Character and Structure will eventually determine the plot, which will then inform the Dialogue. So why should we spend time fixing dialogue lines that will have to change anyway after you have restructured your script?


Depending on what the writer wants to get out of the notes, but also based on the stage of development of the script (first draft / development draft / final draft), I may or may not touch on all the elements of the script. This approach rewards the writer with more concise notes touching on what truly matters to bring the script to the next stage of the development process. It reduces creative fatigue and helps the writer keep motivated. This usually makes the difference in helping the writer bring the project to the finish line. Too many projects are abandoned because motivation is fading away. They call it “development hell” for a reason!


I respect every writer’s process. Some people prefer writing outlines and treatments before digging into writing the actual scenes. Others are more instinctive and need to put down at least a first draft on paper before knowing what they have in their hands. Whenever the writer feels comfortable with it, I suggest approaching structural rewrites at the outline level: this facilitates quicker rounds of feedback and fast-tracks the project towards success, minimizing friction and creative fatigue.


On top of the written notes, I always offer a short 20-minute session to discuss with the writer face-to-face. It’s a great way to ensure we are on the same page and offers you the ideal environment to ask questions and brainstorm new ideas.

My taste

In my opinion, a great story must have several layers of depth while also being accessible to a wide audience. I’m a big fan of well-structured stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end – but I would never compromise creative integrity for the sake of structure. Ultimately, I let the writer’s intentions for the project drive the editing process and work with them to find solutions that serve their vision. I’m committed not to letting my taste influence the notes I write.

If you are wondering about what I like, I’d say that what matters to me is not concept but good execution. This said, I tend to fall in love with Coming-of-Age stories, stories mixing reality and fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, and Gangster stories. Nevertheless, I like to help writers and producers work on all kinds of stories, as long as they are working to feature memorable characters and storylines.

Script Feedback for Indie Writers

30-minute video call + written recap notes (for Film & TV scripts only)

1-10 pages: £60
Up to 25 pages: £65
Up to 30 pages: £70
31-50 pages: £85
51-90 pages: £100
91-120 pages: £130
over 120 pages: +£1 per page
Pricing applies to independent writers working on spec scripts only.
Fees for producers and longer term script editing services vary depending on the scope and size of the project.

How to work with me

I’d love to hear about your project. If you’d like to work with me or ask for more information, please fill out the form below.

Please note: due to my full-time work on TV productions, I have limited availability. Please include as much information as possible, including details about yourself and why you need script notes.

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