Just Kids joins the Global Equality Collective to get #SmashingStereotypes

What does #SmashingStereotypes mean? It means no more telling you what you can or can’t do just because you look or speak or do things a certain way! It means no more barriers stopping you from doing what you want or being who or what you want.

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Just Kids – Short Film


Seven-year-old Alisha is the only girl in her football team. Each new game comes with new boys who are not ready to lose to her, making her experience frustrating rather than enjoyable. But one day she plays against Ben, who even refuses to shake her hand before the match and spits on the ground. He is not a horrible boy, but he feels the weight of living up to his mother’s tough-guy expectations and develops aggressive behaviours to cope with the pressure. Alisha and Ben end up physically fighting in the changing room when Alisha seeks revenge by slamming the doll she finds in Ben’s bag against the walls. It is Ben’s mother who eventually puts an end to the fight. She gifts the doll to Alisha — who in her words is ‘a better fit’ than Ben — and takes her crying son back to the football pitch. Ben glances back at the doll one last time, saying goodbye to that part of his character, now lost forever… Alisha is shaken from what she has just seen, but she understands: she tidies the doll up and tucks it back in Ben’s backpack. Perhaps not everything is lost yet…

Why this film

Gender stereotypes are the underlying cause of major social issues such as violence against women, high suicide rates among young men, and the gender pay gap (just to name a few). By the age of six, children already have a clear idea of what their role in society is and how they are supposed to behave based on their gender. Studies show that such young girls have serious self-esteem problems: they consider themselves less intelligent and capable than boys and believe certain tasks or positions of power are more suitable for boys. On the other hand, young boys struggle to express emotions and develop violent behaviours. “Just Kids” shows us how we could be inadvertently fuelling a negative loop that is preventing us from living in a fairer society for both women and men.

Writer / Director

Alessandro Riconda. His early work was broadcasted by BBC, FOX, MTV and Comedy Central, but he is best known for the short film “Shame and glasses”, which was an official selection in over 200 festivals including the Academy qualifying TIFF Kids, Chicago Children’s Int Film Festival and Guanajuato Film Festival, and won the “Best Overall” award at Chicago Int. Film Festival’s Cineyouth section. The short was also acquired by HBO Europe and MoMA New York, and it is still being shown at festivals and on TV channels around the world. He works as a freelance script coordinator, script reader and director’s assistant for Film and HETV Drama while developing a slate of short film and TV projects. His credits include “The Peripheral”, “Master of None”, “Brave New World”, “Disobedience” (dir. Sebastian Lelio) and “Military Wives” (dir. Peter Cattaneo).


Your donations will help cover the part of the costs of making the film. We are aiming at covering 50% of the budget through donations and 50% through brand sponsorships. Here is how the funds will be used:

Costs breakdown

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